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Welcome to the home page for the Shadowpoints open source software development effort.

Shadowpoints is software designed to manage running tournaments, leagues, and memberships for Shadowfist.

For more, visit the progress page.

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Shadowpoints is hosted at SourceForge. The project page is here.

Currently this project is in the early planning stages, but we hope it will progress quickly. If you wish to contribute, register with SourceForge and then send me your user name.

A related project, Shadowplay, is beginning to design software that will enable the playing of Shadowfist over the Internet.

I hope to do a great deal of the work on this application myself, partially because we need all hands on Shadowplay, partially because this needs to be done soon. The scope is small enough that a single developer can get a lot accomplished. But that doesn't mean that help is not welcome; we'll just have to figure out how to divide up the work.

Shadowfist is a collectable card game produced by Z-Man Games. For additional information, see my Theatre of Noise site.

The Shadowfist Trading Card Game ©1999-2001 Z-Man Games Inc., distributed under license from Loch Ness Games, Inc. (LNG). The world of Shadowfist is owned and copyrighted 1995-2001 by Robin D. Laws. Each individual piece of card art is owned by the respective artist and copyrighted 1995-2001 by the specific artist. Shadowfist, Netherworld, Flashpoint, Year of the Dragon, Throne War, and the faction symbols are trademarks of LNG.

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